Hi, my name is Jon and I am Livy’s dad. At Livy’s Hope, my goal is to create a community of individuals and families who want to make the world better for people impacted by epilepsy. Please join me on this emotional, complicated, and wondrous journey. I have no idea where this road will lead but as I felt when we first started Livy’s Hope in 2012, I have a voice I intend to use because that is how you change the world!

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If you want to be inspired, if you want to feel less alone, if you are looking for hope, if you need motivation to help you on your journey, Livy’s Hope is a place you can call home.

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Community Testimonials

“Your family is an inspiration to us and so many other families. You have helped in understanding the importance of sharing our story and how it can help others, which has lead to me blogging and posting on social media.”

– Erin

“Reading/Hearing suggestions, inspiring thoughts, ups and downs, new meds, side effects and of course the fun stuff is so powerful for me. The genuine honesty and mindfulness you share is so important for people and their families.”

– Angela

“You have certainly been an inspiration to us. Your openness and honesty in sharing your thoughts and emotions is something to be admired. I could go on forever. So glad I found your page.”

– Margaret


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