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It is not often one gets to experience what it feels like to be a rock star. We often dream of the glitz and glamour that is associated with musicians performing in front of thousands of adoring fans. Traveling the country on tour, a new state and venue nightly, waiting backstage to go on and relaxing backstage after the concert is finished.

While in Miami, we got a glimpse of this lifestyle. Allison, Hailey and I flew down to watch Carmen Magro perform I Am Hope at the Market America 2013 World Conference at the AmericanAirlines Arena. As you may know, the song I Am Hope is inspired by Olivia and the hope she represents. Unfortunately, Livy could not travel with us to the show. She does not do well in loud environments and a concert setting in a crowded arena would have been far too much for her.

The morning of the performance, we drove to the hotel Carmen and his band were staying at and met them in person for the first time. They were incredibly down to earth and easy going. We then followed the band over to the arena and watched them set up for the show. They let us stay with them backstage before and after they performed. They treated us like we were part of their group which was incredible. It was an amazing trip and one we will not soon forget.

From the moment we first spoke to Carmen on the phone and described to him what our vision was for a song, he has gone above and beyond to support our family and Livy’s Hope. It is a testament to what can be achieved when hope and inspiration are the centers of a common belief. Carmen will now always be a part of our family.

This video shows a small piece of our visit to Miami. It was a memorable weekend on many levels. However, we still feel a twinge of sadness every time we leave home without Livy. We know it is best in cases like this that she does not participate. Livy is at her brightest when following her normal routine. It is a constant balancing act because we want to experience life as a family but we never want to deprive Hailey from seeing new things. In the end, Livy is the reason for so much of what we do. Even though she is not with us physically when we travel long distances, she is always with us in spirit. She blesses our lives with everything that is good in this world and reminds us when we are away that there is no place like home.

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