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Today was going to be a better day. Hailey and I are both feeling better now finally getting over a stomach bug. I was rushing around trying to get myself and the girls ready to go. Hailey was staying home from school one more day and I was going to drop her off with my parents.

We found out that Livy was getting the Student of the Month award today at the school assembly! I was excited about bringing her in and watching her go up to get it. Just as we were about to leave, I noticed Livy was starting a seizure. No, not now Liv. I waited to see if it would stop and tried calming her down and maybe get her to fall asleep. Sometimes that helps to stop the cycle. But, no luck. I had to give her some medication to stop it and she finally fell asleep.

I felt so sad, so disappointed, so angry. Most days when she is having a seizure I can accept it and move on. Some days are different though. I just wanted today to be a special one. Why couldn’t it just be normal? I was a mom just looking forward to a special day for my daughter.

Our family has learned to be very flexible. Each day is a mystery around here. We never know what to expect. Jon told me that our life isn’t just the norm – one that goes on at a normal, not so thrilling pace – but one with great highs and lows. I asked Hailey if it ever bothers her, the way our life is different. “It’s not different to me”, she says. She put her little arm around me and said, “Isn’t it cute how Livy is snoring right now?” I just smiled.

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