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Overall, Livy did really well on her first day of intensive. It was a much different experience being that we knew what to expect. Her therapist’s name is Kerry. I think she is an amazing therapist but also I think she is amazing because she just had a baby only a few months ago.

The first couple of hours were spent on the table starting with heat and massage and then into arm strengthening. Livy tolerated this all very well and only drifted off shortly. This time around we have requested that they concentrate on her upper body strength and trunk control. It would be a dream to have her sit on her own one day. She already does very well with support but needs to learn to “catch” herself when she starts tipping over. I think that since we have weaned her from some of her seizure meds that she is much more alert and more able to react and recognize what is happening to her.

The last hour she wore the therasuit and she did stomach and back work on the mat. The last 45 minutes she started to fade. To be expected these first few days. Tommorow I hope to get some photos and video to share.

Day one down…let’s hope for a restful and regenerative night.

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