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10/28/2011 - Olivia Standing In Her TeeKoz

We recently purchased a TeeKoz suit (pronouned Tee-Ko-Z) for Livy in order to help her to stand while being suspended from above. Her school has been doing this for a few weeks. Her therapist connects her to a ceiling track lift and is able to move her around the room and let her feel what it would be like to walk. At home, we attach the TeeKoz to her lift so we can replicate that feeling. Although we are not able to maneauver her throughout the house, she is at least able to put pressure on her legs and reposition them when she wants to. Our hope is that she will eventually realize that she is standing and use her own strength to hold herself up. Hailey wanted to narrate what Livy is doing in this video. She is always so good with helping her sister in any way she can. As Hailey will mention, this is the first time she was able to give Livy a big hug in an upright standing position.

Livy still has a long way to go but our end goal is to one day see her stand with very limited help. Livy is an incredibly strong little girl and is capable of so much. As parents, we try to provide her as many ways as possible to reach her full potential.


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