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Episode 32: 7/26/2016 - The Scheinman Family and Lemonade for Livy

Lemonade for Livy weekend is nearly here. Between July 29th - 31st, Individuals and families across the country will be pouring lemonade and selling frozen lemon pops, cookies, brownies, lemon flavored cupcakes, t-shirts, and more. Events will take place at homes, restaurants, stores, ball parks, offices, and throughout downtown squares. All in an effort to raise epilepsy awareness and to help the Epilepsy Foundation of America fund research for more effective treatments and eventually a cure.

Our family will not stop in our pursuit to help Livy and the 65 million people impacted by epilepsy. Those living with epilepsy and their families and caregivers need more options. They need hope for a better future; one that allows them to live in freedom from the fear of seizures, side effects, and medical emergencies.

But we need your help. We are asking the epilepsy community along with your family and friends to come together so Lemonade for Livy can be a major force in the goal of ending epilepsy. There is still time to get involved. You can have a lemonade stand, lemon themed event, or simply a virtual lemonade stand. If you can't have one this coming weekend, plan a day that is convenient for you. Go to to register. If we work as one, if we speak with a single voice, we will succeed in making a stand against epilepsy!


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