About Us

About Us

Livy’s Hope is focused on creating inspirational and informative content, products, events, and ways to give. We live and breathe our motto "Don't Give Up. Give Back." every day. It means to persevere in the hardest of times…never give up hope. If you find yourself in a place where you think you may be losing hope, give to others. It takes the focus off yourself and helps people in need. We hope that you join us on our journey and help create a vibrant community willing to give of youself to make the world better.

Our daughter Olivia (Livy) Hope and her twin sister Hailey were born in December of 2004. Livy was born with a brain malformation that resulted in epilepsy, cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Livy's first seizure occurred only hours after birth. She spent the first nine months of her life at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Boston Children's Hospital and the Suncoast Hospice House in Largo, FL. She finally came home to us in September of 2005.

Throughout the first year of Livy's life, we were tested both physically and emotionally. That test continues to this day. Livy has undergone two major brain surgeries to try and alleviate her seizures. She has had many hospital visits due to uncontrolled seizures, broken bones and other various medical issues. She is not able to walk or talk and she is completely reliant on her family for care. What we find so amazing is that despite all she has been through, she is one of the happiest little girls we have ever seen. Her smile radiates love and she welcomes everyone she meets with a warm, glowing demeanor.

Hailey has learned more from Livy than we could ever teach her. We are constantly worried that Hailey will resent the fact that she didn't have a typical childhood filled with loud parties, long family vacations and other things kids usually do. Livy has created a new normal for our whole family. But when we ask Hailey if she misses certain activities, she says she wouldn't have it any other way. She is more empathetic and compassionate than we ever could have hoped and leads much of what we do as an organization.

Livy and Hailey were the inspiration for the creation of Livy's Hope. Hailey states, "I heard my mom and dad talking about how to raise money for Livy's expensive physical therapies. So I told them that I wanted to help, too." Hailey immediately started making bracelets and painting pictures that she auctioned on eBay. It seemed every day she was putting together a new creation and always said she would do anything to help Livy. It is a beautiful story of the love and dedication shared between sisters.

As time went on, we decided to use the money we made through the sales of products to start initiatives as well as support charities that played a role in helping our family. We created Lemonade for Livy and the Kids Crew as ways to give back. Both are now national campaigns managed by the Epilepsy Foundation. Lemonade for Livy is an awareness and fundraising effort and the Kids Crew focuses on empowering kids to learn about epilepsy, create epilepsy awareness, educate and inspire others, and give back to the community. We have also supported a number of additional local non-profits. As Livy’s Hope grows, we look forward to increasing the ways in which we give. It is at the core of our motto and our perspective of what life is all about.

If you want to be inspired, if you want to feel less alone, if you are looking for hope, if you need motivation to make giving a part of your life, Livy’s Hope is a place you can call home. We can all make a difference and show others what is possible. This is our world and it’s up to each of us to make it exceptional. As Hailey says, “We can do anything when we work together.” Are you ready to make your mark?


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