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You're Kidding Me...Right?

I looked down at Hailey's face as she peered up to me with very serious eyes. Her point was clear. We were going to raise $1 million dollars for the Epilepsy Foundation. "You're kidding me...right?" I asked. She wasn't kidding and she was going to make me believe it. Jon and Hailey asked, "Can we count you in?"

A lot of people are going to think we're crazy. I know this because I thought Hailey and Jon were crazy when they told me what we were going to do. At her age, she does not understand the concept of $1 million dollars. But Jon, he knew what he was getting us into. He and Hailey always talk about grand schemes and outrageous ideas. They talk about inventions, business ideas, ways to combine foods. They are dreamers. They are believers. They are the kind of people that think anything is possible.

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Guest — Suhail Bury
Wow! That's amazing! Hailey is such an example. I encourage my kids to help with fundraisers and I had shown Nathan some of Hailey... Read More
Thursday, 13 June 2013 09:12
Allison Scheinman
That is wonderful that Nathan has been inspired to do a fundraiser! Kids are so amazing. They have so much strength and will and a... Read More
Thursday, 13 June 2013 09:30
Guest — Gary Parrish
Great post, Allison! Just a small glimpse into the pain and heartache that you all have been through and it touches my heart. I ha... Read More
Thursday, 13 June 2013 09:28
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Because of You

Because of You

We do what we do because of you. We continue to keep going because you told us we can. We get through and find peace in another day because you stand by us. We are who we are because you encourage us.

We knew we couldn't do this alone so we asked others to help, and they have.

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Guest — Debbie Hadlock
What you are doing is awesome!!!! Big hugs to all of you and keep up the good works you do for so many others. What an important... Read More
Friday, 15 February 2013 11:29
Guest — Gary Parrish
Your entire family never ceases to amaze me! Despite everything you have gone through you still have so much love and light to sha... Read More
Friday, 15 February 2013 20:21
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Life Is Sweet

Life Is Sweet

Strawberry buttercream, chocolate filled chocolate cake topped with a chocolate butterfly. Life is certainly sweet when filled with such a scrumptious dessert. That was all it took to bring hundreds of people out to support Livy's Hope. The fundraiser at The Cake Bar in Franklin, MA a couple of weeks ago was remarkable. Our friend Tracie and her staff worked tirelessly to keep the cases full of mouthwatering cupcakes. In the end, 2,417 cupcakes were sold! The money raised will help to further our mission of supporting children with medical needs and their families.

I am still amazed by what people can accomplish when they come together in support of a common goal. The feeling of doing something good for others is both contagious and addictive. A small act of kindness is all it takes to change someone's life.

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What Is Your Message?

Happy New Year!!

2012 is now in the past. Looking back over the year, can you say that you were truly the person you wanted to be? Instead of making resolutions each year to stop doing something, I now make goals so I am motivated to achieve more. I have goals for various parts of my life including family, career, recreation and personal growth. Livy’s Hope is a big portion of personal growth.

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Guest — Kim Hill
Love this poem! What an inspiration!! I plan to print it and keep it visible to remind myself to keep focused on my vision!!... Read More
Tuesday, 01 January 2013 17:17
Guest — Gary Parrish
What an amazing family! Very beautiful and thought-provoking poem, Jon! Hailey, you are such a treasure! What a gift you are to th... Read More
Tuesday, 01 January 2013 18:10
Guest — Karen Jacobs
Beautiful poem Jon, and again I second what Gary says. I don't believe I have an original thought in my head. Guess it comes wit... Read More
Tuesday, 01 January 2013 19:40
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