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When Lemonade For Livy started, we had no idea it would grow to the national initiative it is today. The campaign has come a long way since we received a call from a mom down the street explaining, “Megan and Madison just went outside and raised $80 for Livy at a lemonade stand. They called it Lemonade for Livy.” Much has changed since that first stand. Countless hours have gone into getting the word out about funding epilepsy research for the Epilepsy Foundation of America and to telling the story of what the campaign means to us and to the community. There have been days, or should I say very, very late nights when sleep was so enticing and the hours rolled by…1 am, 2 am, 3 am… Even during times when Livy wasn't doing well. But we kept pushing forward.

Looking back now, every moment has been worth it on many different levels. Behind every tick of the clock, there was the hope that if we can just register one more stand, if one more person can share the story, then we would be that much closer to a cure; a cure for Livy, a cure for the 3 million people in the US and a cure for the 65 million people worldwide living with epilepsy.

The focus during much of Lemonade For Livy is around Hailey and Livy, two little girls with big hearts. They share their lives with people and spend their time in photo shoots and doing videos because they know that if you want to change something, if you want to make a difference in this life, you have to get involved. Their relationship, Hailey’s determination to help her sister, and Livy’s inspiration during all she has endured is the spirit of Lemonade For Livy. But now more than ever, it is also about the epilepsy community. It is about the stories we hear every day of people who live with epilepsy. It is about the families who have lost their loved ones due to seizures. It is about looking a mother and father in the eyes and seeing the desperation when they just can’t stop their child’s seizure. That child could be 2 days old, 2 years old or 20 years old. When a parent has to watch helplessly as their young child or their adult child has uncontrolled seizures, the feeling is the same. They feel powerless to help.

When you see our posting about Lemonade For Livy this year, make that choice to get involved. Each individual, family or business owner can help to make the campaign successful. If you haven’t yet registered a stand or party, please do so at Share this video of Hailey and Livy on your social networks and through email ( Ask people to get involved. You can even just register and ask people to donate virtually to your page.

We are grateful for your support as we continue our journey to bring an end to epilepsy.

With much love,

Jon, Allison, Hailey, and Livy

Hope Will Set You Free
I Run 4 Livy

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Friday, 25 September 2020

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