I am just realizing how long it has been since I have updated this blog! I tend to use Livy's CarePages and Facebook for updating and was having trouble posting blogs using my other computer. Now I intend on keeping this blog more up to date.

We have come a long way since Livy's fall at school. It was a difficult time for all of us. I kept Livy home with me for just about four months. Our first priority was getting her better. She needed time to heal and had a very difficult time with sleeping. She had some regression physically and is just now about back to where she used to be.
Jon and I consulted with a special needs attorney and advocate regarding her return to school. At first, Jon and I were determined not to send her back. This has been the second incident at the school and we had lost a lot of faith.  We wanted to scream out how upset we were. We faced a huge challenge. There are very few options for schools for Livy. She had been attending this same school for four years and we had developed relationships with the teachers and staff.
It was becoming increasingly difficult to give her all that she needed at home. At school she is exposed to so many different things: therapy, adaptive equipment, technology and very importantly, her peers. With the help of the attorney, we have worked out a plan to return her to school. She was given a one-on-one assistant and there were changes made in the classroom setting. A safety evaluation was completed and training was done. What happened to Livy that day was completely inexcusable and it was the same as walking away from a baby on a table. You just don't do it. Period.
I will be attending school with her for the time being. Being there allows me to observe and give direction when needed. The teacher has been very attentive and is addressing my concerns. I know how much they missed Livy as well. She appeared to be happy back at school but she was tiring easily. Last week was a long one for us. We have a long way to go still. I am still not sure how I will feel about actually leaving her there again. Time and faith...that is my only guess.
Thanks for taking the time to catch up on us! And for those of you who do not know, our family will be presenting at this year's Family Cafe Conference in Orlando on June 15th. We are really looking forward to it.