Livy's Intensive Therapy - August 2nd

Livy has started her second week of intensive therapy. She did show signs of fatigue over the weekend but was up and ready to go Monday morning.

The first thing the therapist does each morning is put on heat packs and then stretches and massages her. What a great way to start the day! Then they move onto weight work on the table. The therapist has been alternating her arms and legs each day. The next step is putting on the Therasuit. One of our goals for Livy is to gain strength and control in her quadraceps so that she can learn to bear weight through her legs. One way they are working on this is by standing her with one leg immobilized to try to get her to initiate pushing through the other leg. One of the videos to the left demonstrates this idea. It is a challenge for her to tell her brain to tell her leg what to do. Cerebral Palsy, one of Livy's other diagnoses, inhibits her brain from communicating with other parts of her body. That is why we are trying to "train" her brain into learning how to create these pathways.

Livy also does sit-ups and back extenstions, both which she does very well. Her core is quite strong but her length is what makes everything so challenging. These exercises will help her reach one of her goals which is to roll herself over from side to side. She still is not able to reposition herself while sleeping so Jon and I get up almost nightly to turn her and make her more comfortable. It would be a great improvement if she could learn to move herself. She basically can roll to her right side but cannot roll to the left. A lot of it has to do with the loss of muscle function/control on her right side due to her hemispherectomy. We are hoping that with repetitive movements, she can learn how to roll in both directions.

Each day we know she is gaining strength. She continues to smile through nearly all the exercises even though they are exhausting. Jon and I can't say enough about how important the intensive therapy sessions are for her. 
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July 25 - First Day of Intensive Therapy

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

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