Cameras in Special Needs Classrooms

Cameras in Special Needs Classrooms

Yesterday I came across a story on ABC News by Christina NG.

It begins, "A grassroots movement to put cameras in classrooms, driven by the parents of special-needs students, is simmering across the country. It's a personal crusade for many of the parents who say their children have suffered abuse at the hands of teachers and classroom aides with unsatisfying consequences..."

Jon and I feel very strongly about this since Livy is non verbal and has no way of telling us if something has happened. Both parents and teachers have their positions but ultimately, it is the children that need to be protected. I have read and heard of so many cases where children have been abused, verbally and physically. There needs to be an end to this. We need to advocate for our children. Kids like Livy need to be protected. Please take a moment to read the ABC News story and if interested, please visit the Petition and sign if you agree.

ABC News Story


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Monday, 10 August 2020

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