Are You Wearing Purple For Someone Today?

Today, March 26th, is World Wide Purple Day, 2014. It is a day when people from around the world don their purple to support those with epilepsy and to raise awareness. It is a day when we remember all those who have lost their battle with the disorder. For those warriors that continue their struggle each and every day, we want you to know that you are not alone and that we will fight with you.

Livy was up early this morning at 7:15. I let her know that it is Purple Day and that I am wearing purple for her. I reminded her that I will do everything I can to help her and that I will always be there for her when she needs me. I made that promise to her years ago and it is one I will keep for as long as I am living. I also told her that I am wearing purple today for her friend Taylor and her family who are currently having a very difficult time. Her friend Georgie and his family who have been through so much. Her friend Gabe and his family who deal with dozens of seizures daily and her friend Anna and her family who struggle every day.

Epilepsy for these kids and their families is a recurring nightmare from which their is no waking. It impacts every facet of life. There is no escape. There may be a brief respite but the moment you let your guard down is when the situation gets worse.

I encourage you to wear purple today. For those you know and for the rest of the 65 million people living with epilepsy. It is a small gesture but it sends a message that you stand with Livy and all of her friends. Your support is truly appreciated.

On this special day, if you would like to make a donation to Livy's Hope For A Cure that will help fund epilepsy research, please click here. We are at $15,486 and would love to hit the $16,000. Or you can visit our Livy's Hope For A Cure shop and make a purchase which also supports research.

Thanks so much and Go Purple! 

Don't Give Up. Give Back.
Are You Ready For Purple Day - March 26th?

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