Press Coverage

We’re grateful to the media outlets who have shared what we’ve done to make the world better.

5/20/2020 – FLVS Student Becomes a Marvel Hero on Disney+

5/4/2020 – A Sister’s Perseverance

4/29/2020 – Twins Livy and “High-Flyin” Hailey

3/20/2020 – Move over Marvel: Clearwater has their very own teenage superhero

3/16/2020 – Hailey’s Story: A Humble Marvel Hero

10/5/2019 – The Inspiring Stars of Marvel’s Hero Project | Marvel LIVE @ NYCC 2019!

Fall 2019 – Epilepsy and the family: Countering caregiver stress by giving back

6/9/2018 – Shopko Foundation: Lemonade for Livy and Shopko Working with the Epilepsy Foundation to Create Change and Make a Stand – June 12, 2018

9/30/2018 – Hailey Scheinman – Don’t Give Up. Give Back!

6/12/2017 – Global News Wire: Shopko Named as Kick-Off Partner for Lemonade for Livy to Support Local Epilepsy Foundations

9/26/2017 – Capital Region Chamber: Sonic Drive In Presents $10,000 to the Epilepsy Foundation

6/17/2016 – Epilepsy News Today: ‘Lemonade for Livy’ Epilepsy Cure Campaign Takes a Stand

7/29/2016 – The Tama News Herald: Lemonade for Livy Stand is at Shopko Saturday

2/15/2015 – Tampa Bay Times: WEDU Be More Awards should inspire us to act

1/29/2015 – Twin Sisters Hailey and Olivia Scheinman Inspire Hope for Those with Epilepsy

1/18/2015 – Inspire My Kids: Hailey Scheinman – Don’t Give Up. Give Back.

12/3/2014 – ABC Positively Tampa Bay: Hailey Discusses WEDU Award Season

7/13/2014 – Living Well With Epilepsy: Lemonade for Livy: Crowdsourced FUN-draising

6/12/2013 – ABC Positively Tampa Bay: Rising Star Hailey Scheinman

4/1/2013 – Panache Vue Magazine Page 34: Never Has There Been Such a Devoted Sister

2/1/2013 – Country Gazette: A Cup(Cake) That Overflows With Hope

9/2/2012 – Tampa Bay Times: Sister’s Devotion Inspires Readers

7/15/2012 – Tampa Bay Times: The Best Sister