Supporting The Most Vulnerable

Each December, we make no sew fleece blankets and deliver them to our local Suncoast Hospice. They are used as gifts during birthday parties that the pediatric team holds for their patients. It’s a fitting use for them since Hailey and Livy ask for help putting them together each year for their birthday in December. We will always be grateful for the support the hospice team provided our family when Livy was under their care and appreciate all they do in the community to help families.

Livy’s Time In Hospice Care

During Livy’s first year of life, she spent five months living at a local hospice house. She was in a critical medical state and our family needed 24×7 support. The loving care she received was what helped her and our family make it through a very difficult time.

After Livy came home, the hospice team continued to support us with in home visits, doctor consultations, and xxxxx. They were there for us when we needed them and we will be forever grateful.