3/11/2009 – 12/31/2009: Recovery and relative peace

3/10/2009: Home from Shands

3/5/2009: Seizures finally subside after an additional medication change

2/18/2009 – 3/1/2009: Seizures still uncontrolled after surgery

2/17/2009: Contracts severe flu with 104 degree temperature during recovery

2/13/2009: Left sided functional hemispherectomy is performed (left side of her brain is completely disconnected)

1/19/2009 – 2/12/2009: Moved back and forth from the ICU to the pediatric floor multiple times due to breathing risks caused by seizures and medications — she is having 100+ seizures per day.

1/19/2009: Readmitted to Shands since seizures were still not controlled and got worse

1/16/2009: Returned Home

1/9/2009: Admitted to Shands due to uncontrollable seizure activity

1/3/2009: Home from St. Joe’s