9/2006: Seizures return

6/16/2006: First swallow study

5/5/2006: Follow up EEG shows irritable neurons in both hemispheres and a breech rhythm – expected after skull is opened

4/21/2006: Livy is fitted for her first wheelchair

4/4/2006: Discharged from Shands

3/25/2006: Subdural shunt placed to relieve pressure from fluid built up post surgery

3/20/2006: Left sided Lobectomy to remove a portion of Livy’s temporal and occipital lobes performed at Shands Hospital

3/3/2006: Meeting with Dr. David Pincus to discuss the possibility of brain surgery

1/20/2006: Discharged from Shands

1/16/2006: Admitted to Shands for 24 hour EEG monitoring