11/29/2012: Cast removed

11/27/2012: Reinsertion of Supprellin Implant

10/26/2012: Admitted to All Children’s Hospital due to increased seizures

10/23/2012: Left Calcaneus Fracture – Casted

10/1/2012: Intensive Therapy Session

6/16/2012: Livy and family present at the 2012 Family Cafe Conference in Orlando, FL

5/21/2012: Intensive Therapy session begins but ends early due to physical exhaustion and increased seizure activity

5/15/2012: X-ray reveals a subluxation (dislocation) of Livy’s left hip

3/5/2012: Livy is introduced back to school with additional safety precautions in place and a personal aide

1/3/2012: Intensive Therapy Session