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I Run for Livy
Last week, I received another postcard as part of the Finding Hope Project. This one came from our good friend, Tracy, in Texas. We met her a number of years ago through the initiative I Run 4. The goal is to match athletes with kids and adults who have health challenges or disabilities. The athletes dedicate their workouts to their buddies to provide hope and excitement.

Livy was matched with Tracy when the initiative was in its infancy. Tracy has sent Livy medals from her races and a really cool framed work of art. She keeps us up-to-date on her competitions and continues to dedicate her workouts and races to Livy on a regular basis.

The word Tracy chose for the Finding Hope Project is “Livy!” She wrote, “Livy inspires me to not give up, to work hard, and to push through!” We are so grateful that Tracy and her family came into our lives. We got to meet them in person in Orlando several years ago. They have been wonderful supporters of Livy and my family. They have even held an annual poker tournament to raise money for Lemonade for Livy. We especially liked the year we got to join them through FaceTime before the cards were dealt.

It’s amazing the way people join others on their journey. We have met many wonderful individuals along our journey and I’m sure we will continue to make new friends as we go. It’s one of the best parts of living life with an open and welcoming heart.

I have really enjoyed receiving your postcards with your inspiring words. Keep them coming! To be a part of the Finding Hope Project, write a word that is important to you and why on the back of a postcard that represents where you live. You can add other comments as well if you so choose. Then mail it to:
Livy’s Hope
P.O. Box 15326
Clearwater, FL 33766