Special Needs Dad 365

Hailey and Livy at School
Today was a very special day for our family. It’s something rather small but we frequently say it’s the little things that mean a lot. For the last 11 years, Hailey and Livy have gone to different schools. Livy has always been a student at the same special needs school and Hailey has attended both public school and her current Montessori Academy. Today was the first time Allison took them to the same building to be dropped off together!

Hailey will be interning at Livy’s school for four days. Every year, the 8th graders spend time at a local business, school, or organization to learn about how it operates and the jobs people do. Hailey will work with the teachers, therapists, and students in various classrooms.

On this day, she spent time in Livy’s classroom! She was able to help Livy with communication activities, go with her to different classrooms, and watch how the aides maneuver her in and out of the lift. She was thrilled to be a part of her sister’s daily life and is looking forward to helping other students for the rest of the week. It’s a wonderful experience for Hailey to learn what Livy’s peers go through on a regular basis as well as watching the amazing staff in action.