Special Needs Dad 365

Ronald McDonald House
Last night, we delivered the items we collected for the “Fill The House That Love Built” campaign to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tampa Bay, Inc. We also cooked the families dinner. It was a wonderful experience!

Thank you very much to the Safety Harbor Montessori Academy and the families who brought in items. We are incredibly grateful for your support! It is an amazing example of people working together to help others.

The house we visited yesterday is inside Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. We never stayed at that house but we made numerous trips to the hospital. Walking through the halls brought back difficult memories. There was one instance in particular when we had lost control of Livy’s seizures. We were told that this was the way she was always going to be. It was a profound statement that carved a deep cavern of desperation into our lives. Fortunately, we were able to regain control and leave the hospital. But the battle about which the doctors forewarned us continues daily.

Despite how hard it was to travel back to some of the darkest days we faced, there is a connection I feel with the families staying at the house. Most are going through different experiences, however, the feeling of isolation, lack of control, and uncertainty is undeniably similar. They are in the midst of their own life changing ordeals. I hope, as they took a break to eat a meal, we gave them comfort, even if for only a moment