Special Needs Dad 365

Give Thanks
The gang is finally back under one roof. Allison and Hailey arrived home safe and sound from their trip up north. It’s always wonderful to feel whole once again.

When Allison is away, I’m on Livy duty. That means taking her to and from school. We used to put her on the school bus years ago but switched to taking her ourselves once we got our wheelchair van. It’s one thing to drop off your child who can speak. Hailey willingly tells us what happened during the day. It’s another to have no idea what has transpired because Livy can’t tell us. It is a huge leep of faith and of trust when she gets wheeled away from us down the hall.

One thing that puts us at ease is the staff at her school. She is in a room with some wonderful individuals who take care of her needs and work with her throughout the day. Livy is fortunate to have a personal aide and I can’t understate how important she is to our family. She treats Livy like one of her own. Today, when I was in the office waiting to pick up Livy, I saw her and her aide coming down the hall. Livy had a huge smile on her face because her aide was talking to her as she pushed her down the hall. It warmed my heart. You can imagine how protective I am of Livy and seeing the two of them nearly brought a tear to my eye. I find I am much more emotional than I used to be.

After leaving the school, I thought of how I should have thanked her for taking such amazing care of Livy. It was a missed opportunity and I was kicking myself on the way home. So I am sending a very big virtual hug and many, many thank yous. The moral of the story here is to give thanks often with a grateful heart. Especially when others treat your kids with the same respect and consideration that you do.