Special Needs Dad 365

Daddy and Livy Day
Today was daddy and Livy day because Allison and Hailey are spending a few days up north with family. Southwest Airlines certainly has been seeing a lot of the Scheinman family lately. So Livy and I went out for afternoon coffee. Starbucks is an easy place to maneuver a wheelchair and they have a few handicap spaces right outside their door.

While others go to Starbucks to share their lives with one another, to talk about business, or simply to relax, I take Livy there so she can absorb the sights and sounds. The laid back atmosphere has just the right amount of stimulation. She also seems to enjoy my storytelling and singing in her ear. One of Livy’s many talents is listening and of course she never judges me for my lack of vocal ability. If her smile is any indication, she is happy just to be there, living in the moment.