Special Needs Dad 365

Be Strong in Your Faith
I’m happy to say that I have another Finding Hope Project postcard that was delivered while I was away. This one comes from Olivia in Tennessee and the word is Faith. Thank you Olivia.

Faith is a wonderful word that is often associated with religion. People of all denominations are passionate about their faith and have been for thousands of years. Faith gets us through the most challenging of times. It helps us to feel like we are not alone and that we have a bigger purpose.

But faith is not just about religion. We put our faith in people to do what is right. We put our faith in our family and our friends because they are the ones we rely on most. We put our faith in doctors to give us health. We put our faith in surgeons when a child is wheeled off on a hospital bed into a room where the outcome is uncertain. We put our faith in ourselves when the difficult decisions have to be made.

We look to our faith in the worst of times when the situation is out of our control. When we have no answers, faith can put us at ease. The journey is long and none of us travel it without the help of others. Be strong in your faith wherever it leads you.

To be a part of the Finding Hope Project, write a word on the back of a postcard that represents where you live and the word is important to you. You can add other comments as well if you so choose. Then mail it to:
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