Special Needs Dad 365

There's No Place Like Home
It’s been a long week of travel. I have to say, there’s no place like home. Flying from Florida to California to Florida to Washington, D.C. back to Florida again within 7 days was more than my usual travel. I am by no means a road warrior and would never want to be. They do this every week. I feel blessed to work from home and also to see people in different parts of the country.

The hardest thing about being away from my family, aside from missing them terribly, is knowing that Allison bears a larger responsibility than usual to take care of Livy. I have so much respect for single parents who have kids with special needs. They do this day in and day out by themselves and it is not easy.

Aside from the mental strain that comes with a complicated child, there is a significant physical challenge as well. Between the lifting, changing, maneuvering, showering, and dressing, one’s body begins to break down over time. When we are both home, we get breaks. Sometimes, one of us is sore from twisting or bending the wrong way and the other takes over. We make it work. We are a team and we stick together.

Now, I’m going to spend time with my girls. I’m looking forward to carrying Livy into her bedroom like I do every night I’m home. I’m going to laugh with Hailey as is tradition before she goes to sleep. Then, Allison and I will do some catching up before my head hits the pillow and I’m out cold within 5 minutes. I like to think I’ll dream about tomorrow and hope for good things to come.