Special Needs Dad 365

Loosing A Tooth
It’s amazing how fast eight years have flown by. For Hailey, the Tooth Fairy has moved on to grace the bedrooms of other kids. But the memories still live in numerous bags in my top drawer. In each is a tooth and a piece of paper with the date it was lost.

For Livy, we have many bags as well. However, some teeth that fell out are missing. We’re not sure where they went. Those that Allison pulled are safe in their bags. But on occasion, Livy has woken up with a bit of blood on her pillow and a space where a tooth used to be. Likely, she swallowed them. I don’t think she comprehends the idea of putting teeth under a pillow and finding money there in the morning. But for the teeth we do have, we performed the ceremonial Tooth Fairy exchange and celebrated with her when she woke up.

It’s interesting how Hailey discovered the truth about the Tooth Fairy. Allison had written a note with tiny lettering that was included under Hailey’s pillow with her money. The next night, Hailey was reading the note again and became curious. She then asked Allison if it was her writing. I sympathize with Allison because that is an incredibly difficult place to find yourself with huge reprocussions. So Allison told her the truth. Through the tears, Hailey then asked, “What about Santa?” Cry, cry, cry.

We have not had to approach those topics with Livy. Despite the fact that she likely doesn’t grasp the concept of the Tooth Fairy, Santa, or the Easter Bunny, we have always acted as though she has. We wanted to make her days special in case she did understand. In some ways, it was as much for us as it was for her. But aren’t parents entitled to a little bit of magic, too?