Special Needs Dad 365

Griffith Observatory
While in Los Angeles, Hailey and I had the opportunity to visit the Griffith Observatory. The facility is steeped in history. Griffith J. Griffith funded the observatory with a $100,000 gift to the city of Los Angeles in 1912. After many years of planning and construction, the observatory opened its doors in May of 1935. It underwent a $93 million renovation beginning in 1992 for restorations and to add more floorspace underground. One of the rooms added was a 200-seat presentation theater called the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon. We spent some time there watching a video narrated by Nimoy about the history of the observatory and the renovation project. We learned a lot about our galaxy as we meandered our way through the halls and exhibits.

Hailey has shown a growing propensity for space over the last year. Part of her interest has come from her love of Marvel, the Big Bang Theory, and Star Trek. She has made clear that she doesn’t want to be an astronaut. She is not quite that adventurous, nor does she have the desire to risk her life. But she does have an inquisitive mind and she wants to discover and help uncover many of the mysteries we still don’t understand. We’ll see if that is a track she pursues. She has another four years before going off to college and a lot will change between now and then. What I don’t think will change is her thirst for knowledge and her belief that anything is possible.

President John F. Kennedy once said, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” He was a driving force that launched the United States’ initiative to take us to the moon. He inspired people to do more and invent solutions to some of the most complicated problems. It is that mentality that enables us as a people to overcome tremendous hurdles which then lead to miraculous achievements.

A big part of lighting the way to the future is the belief that what one can imagine, is possible. It’s true with developing cures for diseases, advances in space travel, clean energy, and much, much more. A creative mind, persistence, and perseverance are characteristics that can solve some of the most perplexing challenges. When added to motivation, inspiration, and the right amount of funding, you have the ingredients to bring dreams into reality. That is how you change the world. Each of us has the ability to do so. You just have to get out there and do it!