Special Needs Dad 365

Your Miracle
“You never know when your miracle may be just around the corner.” That is the phrase that is on the back of t-shirts in the Corner Craft Kitchen + Bar at the hotel at which we are staying in Pasadena. Such a true statement. For one, it means to keep trying and moving forward because you never know which action will find you a solution. I also like to think it’s about making a choice. When you’re walking down the street, you have the option to turn the corner or not. There is also a fair amount of risk because no one knows for sure what will be there waiting for you. Many times, it is a leap of faith that pushes us one final step.

The important part this phrase implies is to keep pushing forward. There may be some risk involved to take that extra step. But it could be the one that brings you the answers for which you are looking.