Special Needs Dad 365

Finding the Light
I’m happy to say that I have received some new postcards for our Finding Hope Project! This one came from a grandmother in Arizona who has watched her grandson struggle with epilepsy. Hailey and I had the good fortune to meet her when we were in Arizona last September. It was one of our favorite parts of the trip.

The word she wrote on her postcard is Gratitude. She likes to find the good in every situation.

We certainly are grateful for the time we spent with her. Had it not been for our journey, we never would have met her. Look back over your journey and think about some positive aspects that have come from the challenges. I will admit, during the hardest of times, I certainly was not thankful for the emotional stress under which Livy’s condition put us. I definitely was not appreciative of watching Livy lose all the progress that she had made while spending months in the hospital. But what I focus on are the people we have turned into and others we have helped over the years. Not to mention, we have received support from so many wonderful individuals since the girls have been born and for that, we are forever grateful.

If someone is nice to you, let them know it. Acknowledge when a family member, friend, colleague, medical professional, or complete stranger goes out of their way to treat you well. Never be afraid to generously express gratitude. After a difficult situation has passed, learn not to dwell on what occurred, but how you grew from it. There is light at the end of every path. You just have to know where to find it.

Remember, to contribute to the Finding Hope Project, write a word on the back of a postcard that represents your state or country, or wherever you live, and why the word is important. You can add other comments as well if you so choose. Then mail it to:
Livy’s Hope
P.O. Box 15326
Clearwater, FL 33766