Special Needs Dad 365

Hope Dish
We try to live with hope every day in our house. That doesn’t mean we just think about it or look at life from a certain perspective. It also means that we have reminders around on walls, tables, decorations and everyday items that silently signal us to never give up.

We have a variety of store bought pictures, framed original artwork, gifts, mugs, and more that help us to stay positive when the day has been less than encouraging. The HOPE dish from Rae Dunn Clay in the picture came from one of our warrior mom friends. You can see that we are already getting ready for Valentine’s Day. However, when the decorations are gone, the hope will stay. I have a number of inspiring quotes and personal letters that adorn my office walls. It’s one way we have found to fill our home with a spirit of never ending inspiration and optimism.

Do you have an item or picture in your house that falls into this category? I’d love to see a photo of it in the comments below. Let’s share some hope with everyone!