Special Needs Dad 365

Livy in Her Hat
It’s not often we venture out as a family. During the week, the girls are at school, I’m working, and Allison is either helping me with a graphics project, running errands, or busy with something PTA related. The weekends come and go and seem to be generally a time for catch up.

On the rare occasion we decide to take a little trip, it reminds us of how important it is to do so. My dad and stepmom were in town recently which gave us a good excuse to get out. The six of us piled into our van and headed off to a nearby park. There’s something about nature that is soothing and relaxing. This particular park was on a lake and had a boardwalk right near the water. Livy enjoyed the day as well. She was so cute in her little hat. For her, the park is a visual and auditory cornucopia filled with sights and sounds she rarely experiences.

As we were meandering through the gently swaying trees, we commented about how important it was to take a break and recharge. We didn’t talk about epilepsy, doctors’ appointments, or current events. We just enjoyed the time spent together and celebrated the moment of peace. It was a welcome reprieve and one we were grateful to have. I highly recommend getting away from it all whenever possible so you can refocus your state of mind and handle whatever comes next.