Special Needs Dad 365

Livy Bundled Up
It was in the 40’s this morning in Florida and while not cold compared to New England or the upper midwest, it’s a bit frosty for those of us with thin blood. Livy was born in Florida so naturally, we bundle her up to keep her nice and toasty. Allison and I were born and raised up north but we have become accustomed to the warm Florida air. Anything less than 60 degrees makes us shiver.

Livy’s circulation is poor because she is not active. Using a wheelchair and not having the ability to move around in a major way certainly has slowed her metabolism. Her feet are usually cold despite wearing socks. It takes a little extra help to get her warm at night. I used to lay next to her and rub her feet until they were no longer chilly.

One of the best presents she received for Christmas was a warming blanket that turns off after two hours. It’s not a full electric blanket but it’s bigger than a heating pad. It has done wonders to make her feel nice and cozy. Knowing she is comfortable certainly gives us piece of mind and helps us rest easier at night. We always say that any extra hour of undisturbed sleep is a major blessing.