Special Needs Dad 365

Epilepsy is a Nightmare
Today, I had the opportunity to meet with some colleagues and discuss quite a few topics in the epilepsy world. I was asked to share a bit about Livy and what she has been through. Over time, I have become more adept at telling Livy’s story but it is still difficult to give the elevator speech version.

Livy’s journey is one which I could speak about for hours. I live it each day but I am also passionate about making her life and the lives of others better. Shrinking 14 years down to 10 minutes is like the cliffs notes, of the cliffs notes, of the cliffs notes. It comes out a bit differently each time, however, one aspect is always the same. I can’t believe it really happened. It seems like a dream. In many cases, a nightmare beyond any I could have imagined.

As bad as it may have been, Livy is always the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. She is what makes the fight worth fighting and the story worth telling. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll write a book and get all the details out on the page. I’m still not sure if it would be therapeutic or cause more stress and sadness. I guess only time will tell.