Special Needs Dad 365

Uniquely Unique
Tonight, we watched the movie “Contact” starring Jodie Foster. She once said, “Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.” Being unique should be embraced. What makes us different from one another is what makes us beautiful. As kids get into their teen years, they try to fit in. They forget their freedom of self they experienced growing up. When they realize that they aren’t like everyone else, they feel something is wrong with them. However, it should be the opposite.

Kids like Livy will never have the challenge of fitting in. They don’t even know what that phrase means. But as parents, we feel like we are the ones on the outside looking in. We drive wheelchair vans. Our kids go to “special schools.”We feed them with feeding tubes. They make sounds that no one else can understand.

I used to think more about what we couldn’t do than what we could do. Over the years, I have changed. It’s the things we can do that make us uncommon. For special needs parents, our kids have helped us to see more and look deeper within ourselves. They have taught us to be strong and challenged us to grow. I wear my uniqueness on my sleeve and am proud of it. I hope each of you can look past trying to be the same and instead, embrace what makes you unique.