Special Needs Dad 365

Be Brave Before You Can Be Good
The other day, I heard a quote during a movie Livy and I were watching. It was, “Be brave before you can be good.” I thought about this for a while to consider the meaning. For many of us, the first step on a new journey, or changing careers, or speaking in front of people is hard. Taking a risk is not typically in our nature. But until we do it, we never know how good we can be.

Many who are special needs parents stay within a self defined circle they build around them to feel a semblance of control and safety. They keep to a routine as best as possible (usually because their kids need to stick to a schedule), go to the same places, and stay close to home. Opening themselves to additional risk is not an area where most like to venture. However there are some, who, either by necessity or an inner drive, overcome their fears and use their talents to accomplish personal goals.

One of our friends, who has a son similar to Livy, is a perfect example. She also has a young daughter and takes care of other family members. But she has started multiple businesses and volunteers in the community. She is not deterred by what life throws at her and is determined to follow her passions.

Think for a moment about why you haven’t tried something new or challenged yourself to step outside of your circle. Be brave and never give up on your dreams. Jump in and get started. You never know how good you can be until you try.