Special Needs Dad 365

Choose Joy
I have often mentioned choosing hope over fear. There is another choice to be made...joy instead of sadness. Hailey’s friend made this wonderful piece of art for Livy for her birthday. It is a picture of Hailey and Livy as well as a crocheted butterfly. The statement of “Choose Joy” is relevant for us all.

For many, life is a balancing act. There are good days and bad. It’s how both types of days are approached that can tip the scale in one direction or the other. Choosing joy means the scales are consistently weighted one way more often than the other. It’s keeping a positive attitude despite whatever difficulty you have encountered.

I recently came across an article written by Dr. Robert Holden that lists what he thinks are five qualities of joy. They are:

  1. Joy is constant - it is everywhere we are
  2. Joy inspires creativity - it is a thinker and doer
  3. Joy is often unreasonable - it doesn’t need a cause or an effect in which to exist
  4. Joy is untroubled - it does not wrestle with positives and negative
  5. Joy is enough - it does not induce a craving for more

Looking through the lens of joy in that fashion, it is no wonder that people like to be near those who are joyous. Joyous people are happy no matter where they are, they get things done, they don’t need a reason to be happy, their joy is always there in good times and bad, and they are content because they have joy in their lives. I also believe that when one chooses joy, it is much easier to find hope. When the two are paired together, they are a pretty hard combination to beat!