Special Needs Dad 365

Livy Working Out
I try to work out with Livy every day. Sometimes, there are mitigating factors that prevent me from doing so, usually a bad day for her, but 6 out of 7 days, we are on the floor doing sit ups or on an inflatable peanut exercise ball for stretching and head/trunk control work. We have been doing this together for years. It’s one area where she has made significant progress. Her head control is what it is today because she works hard during this time.

Head and trunk control for most kids is something they develop when they are only months old. In typical fashion, babies are put on their stomachs to strengthen their necks, arms and lower backs. They learn within months how to roll over and to eventually prop themselves up to sitting.

Livy has never made it to that level. The more she grows, the heavier she becomes and the harder it is for her to make the small gains she has made in the past. She used to roll over more from her back to her side. Physical therapy outside of our home is difficult because of her size as well as finding locations that insurance companies will cover for habilitative therapies.

Aside from wanting to help Livy as much as possible, working out with her is quality time that we spend together. The smiles she give me during our sessions are well worth it. I think of it more like a daddy-Livy game for her.

I have come to accept that Livy will make small gains over many years. Luckily, I was blessed with the gift of patience in this area. I would of course like to see her develop more quickly but I can deal with the slow pace as long as she is moving in the right direction. Especially if she keeps smiling along the way:)