Special Needs Dad 365

I Don't Need Reminders
Today we received another reminder of one of the activities Livy will never be able to do when she turns 16...drive. The letter came from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles alerting us that Livy has missed too much school and if she is not in compliance by the time she is old enough, she won’t be able to get her license.

Livy has missed a number of days because of seizures and doctors’ appointments which is what likely triggered the notice. It is probably an oversight in the system that needs to be addressed since Livy goes to a special needs school and information could be conveyed about her disabilities.

However, this is one more instance of pouring salt on the wound. Have we become a bit used to it? Yes. Perhaps because we already see how far behind she is and will always be based on her Individualized Education Plan (IEP), her test scores, doctors’ forms, and everywhere else we go where there are kids. Nonetheless, it never feels good.