Special Needs Dad 365

Livy with iPad Holder
One of the cool presents Livy received for her birthday was a new RAM Mounts iPad holder for her wheelchair. We are not sure how good her vision is. We know she can see. Unfortunately, she has likely lost her right peripheral vision because the left side of her brain was disconnected to alleviate her seizures. That was a difficult choice we made and one that no parent should ever have to consider. It was one of a number of complex decisions we have had to make over the years with Livy’s health.

With her iPad at the proper height, she can watch movies, listen to music, and use the touch screen (with our help). She’ll be able to use it at school as well with the assistance of her wonderful teachers and aides. Thank you, Steve Jobs, wherever you are, for giving the world this amazing technology. And thank you to her grandparents for getting her just what she wanted.