Special Needs Dad 365

Go With the Flow
Go with the flow. That is one phrase we have certainly come to embrace.

Yesterday, Allison went out to start our wheelchair van and this is what she heard, “Click, click...click, click.” She was on her way to take the girls out to do some errands. Before Hailey and Livy were born, I know the reaction would have been different for both of us. Now, it was, “Eh, it might be the starter or the alternator. Probably the battery. No big deal." Next, it was a call to AAA to come out and diagnose.

Luckily, it was only the battery. Thirty minutes after AAA arrived, the van was started and ready for a trip. It felt like barely an inconvenience. That is what the more serious side of life has taught us. We would much rather have a dead battery than a rush to the hospital. I’ll take meeting a AAA technician over an ER doctor any day. Want some stats on our car, sure it’s a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country. I’ll discuss those details anytime instead of filling out a form for a nurse with Livy’s birthday, our health insurance company, and all the medications she’s taking.

The fact is, we are human so of course these things bother us. They are an inconvenience. But not nearly as much as they used to be. It’s knowing how to reflect on the moment, put it into perspective, and just let it go.