Special Needs Dad 365

Creating Goals
The years certainly do seem to be accelerating as we get older. I can’t believe it is once again New Year’s Eve! I used to make resolutions as many others do. Some I kept, like the year I gave up drinking soda. There are times I still have small amounts but the last time a drank a can was more than a decade ago.

Over the last several years, I changed from resolutions to goals. That gives me something to achieve instead of something to give up. For example, I like to include a giving goal. A resolution would be, “I want to be a more giving person.” But a goal would be, “I want to give $100 to five different organizations and volunteer 50 hours in 2019.”

I bet most people don’t have a goal to give each year. Do you? Think of how much more giving our society would be if it was a priority. Time is just as valuable as money. We’re each good at something and plenty of people and organizations need help. One of the many things I have experienced throughout our journey is that what goes around, comes around. My family has helped many people but we have also been helped. So I challenge you to create a giving goal for you and your family. It’s up to each of us to make this world better.