Special Needs Dad 365

Livy with Puppy
Livy had the chance to hang out with some four legged friends today. We don’t have a dog so Allison likes to make a trip to the puppy store now and again. We both grew up with pets. We just haven’t brought ourselves to getting one yet.

More than once, I have compared Livy’s personality to that of a dog’s. You’re likely thinking, “What does that mean?” For anyone who has had a dog or who likes them, you will understand this. The first thing you see in a puppy’s eyes when you walk through the door is pure happiness. The joy they show when greeting people is a true, unconditional, feels like you have been gone forever and I couldn’t wait to see you, type of joy. If you were to leave and come back an hour later, it would happen the same way all over again. It’s as if their one task in life is to make others feel wanted.

When Livy smiles, I see that same type of purity in her eyes. She is not expecting anything nor does she want anything. She has no motive and is not weighted down by responsibility. She lives each day as it comes not knowing what will happen next. For those who get to witness the sparkle in her eyes, she has a way of brightening even the most challenging of days.

I’m not sure yet what Livy’s purpose is on this earth. I still wonder why she was given such a difficult life. Most parents taking care of special needs kids ask a similar question. Perhaps one reason she is here is to make other people happy. Her condition certainly has tested her strength and character over the years. That’s what makes her smile so much more meaningful. She could chose to never smile and I would understand it. But I think regardless of what happens to her, her heart is genuinely filled with love and she wants nothing more than to share it with others.