Special Needs Dad 365

Five Seizures Medications
It’s been almost 12 years since Livy has taken five antiepileptic medications at once. Despite two brain surgeries, we find ourselves once again administering five of them. The goal is to wean her from one if her seizures are reduced. We are hopeful that will be the case. But after this long journey, to be back to nearly where we first began is somewhat disheartening.

At least I can say that her #seizures are not as critical as they used to be. She is no longer having over a hundred a day and her oxygen level is not decreasing. Some of them are longer, for example, a four hour seizure the other day. These are her focal seizures where she is only partially impaired. We have been fortunate to not have to use rescue medication.

There are many families who are in the same situation in which we find ourselves. Those who have tried more than a dozen medications to alleviate seizure activity. We frequently get asked the question, “How do you do it. How do you stay positive?” Sometimes, it is hard.

It is not easy to watch Livy go through a difficult period. We get discouraged just like everyone else. What we have to do to keep from traveling down a darker path is to have a plan of action. We want to make sure we have something to try next. Now, we will wait and see what happens. If this new medication does not work, we will keep trying to find another that does.