Special Needs Dad 365

Hailey and Daddy Movie Date
One of the challenges of having a child with special needs is making sure enough time is also spent with her sibling. It is quite common for brothers and sisters to feel left out or neglected because parents have to devote so much of the day taking care of their child who has medical challenges.

Over the years, we have performed a balancing act to make sure Hailey didn’t feel alone. Aside from Allison and me spending time with her, we have been extremely fortunate to have family nearby. They were there to take care of Hailey if we had to take Livy to the hospital or appointments.

Hanging out with Hailey just happens to be one of my favorite things to do so it has come naturally. She has always been able to make me laugh which results in some therapeutic daddy daughter dates. There is nothing like laughter to relieve the stress of life.

Since we are both on vacation this week, we went to see a movie today. Aside from our love of food, we also share a love of the cinema. She’s getting older but I hope she continues to enjoy our days spent together. For many parents, we are the ones who feel left out when the kids grow up and start balancing time spent with friends and time spent with family. Keeping my fingers crossed that both sides of the scales stay in the air.