Special Needs Dad 365

Thankful to be Together
It’s not often we have a picture together of the four of us. Livy is difficult to get posed on command so anytime she remotely looks at the camera, we are thrilled! We were lucky enough to take this selfie on Christmas Eve.

We are so thankful to be together this year. We know that many families dealing with medical challenges are not. I will forever remember Christmas of 2008. It was on of the the nights we took Livy to the emergency room because we had lost control of her seizures. That three month hospital stay ended in Livy’s hemispherectomy operation (half of her brain being disconnected).

While we are fortunate to be celebrating as a family, we are mindful that many are not. Today, around the country and the world, families are separated by a host of medical related and other issues. As you are sitting down for a meal together with loved ones, please say a prayer for those who are spending the day apart. We keep in our hearts those who are asking for a healing hand and we remember those who are no longer with us. May the spirit of joy, gratitude, and hope be with you always!