Special Needs Dad 365

The Hands of Time
This work of art is one that Hailey sculpted a couple of years ago. We had it out to take a picture of it for a project. She made it in conjunction with a poem she wrote that described how people should slow down, look at the world, and pay less attention to the clock. It also urged people to live for today, because time goes by quickly. There have been many instances when we have told Hailey that it’s important to enjoy each day because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Livy illustrates that point for us regularly; one day is good, the next day is awful.

No other time of the year seems to go by as fast as the holidays. There’s a running joke that starts with my saying, on December 26th, “Hailey, it’s almost Christmas!” She rolls her eyes at me, chuckles, and replies, “Dad, Christmas was yesterday. It’s not Christmas again yet.” Then I proceed to say it for the rest of the year and before you know it, Christmas is here and I'm left wondering how another three seasons have already come and gone.

It's always good to take a break from the hussle and bustle. I was reminded today of how peaceful it is when sitting in a room gazing at the holiday decorations. The music is turned off, the devices are stored, and work is finished. What remains are the ornaments glowing in the lights of the tree, the nutcrackers glancing down from atop their perch, and the holiday cards adorning the counter. We spend so much time preparing for the holidays that we forget to take a breath and enjoy them. Taking a moment to absorb the aura of everyday is important, but seems especially so this time year. Before you know it, I’ll be saying once again, “It’s almost Christmas!”