Special Needs Dad 365

Start Working on Your Passion
Last night, I got to meet with a number of coworkers from my previous life. It was amazing to see all of them and to catch up with what they are all doing. The company we worked for has gone through some major changes over the last year. Many wonderful, dedicated people have been forced out of jobs they have had for over a decade. These are committed individuals who spent years building a company and a culture for which they were proud.

What I find most disheartening, aside from the upheaval they have been through, is that many of them told me I am lucky because I am doing something that has purpose and is making a difference. I wish it was that way for everyone. Think of the world in which we would live if people could go to work each day and believe in the contribution they were making to society. I have always believed that individuals should find jobs for which they have a true passion. For those who do not have that option, working on something for which they have passion often leads to new opportunities.

That is exactly what happened to me. If I could give a word of advice, it would be to not settle for a job that makes you unhappy. Despite the amount of money you are paid or the benefits you receive, a career that makes you feel disheartened or unfulfilled is one that needs to be evaluated. Life is too short. If you are stuck in a job that you question going to each day, find your passion and run with it!