Special Needs Dad 365

Seizure Medications
Today, we started reducing one of Livy’s antiepileptic medications. Her level was getting a bit too high. Now, the waiting game begins. Will we see more #seizures? Will they be stronger and take longer to stop? What happens if we start losing control of them? All questions which are very familiar but not welcome. I have a love-hate relationship with seizure medications. On the one hand, they help Livy. On the other hand, the side effects and what they do to her body are terrible.

Allison and I are forever going back and forth about this topic. When Livy is having a relatively good period, but side effects are obvious, we hate the meds. When she is going through a rough patch and we can increase one of her doses to have better control, we love the meds. Either way, I feel like a fulcrum balancing two sides of a perpetual seesaw. I used to like seesaws as a kid, however, this is one ride on which I wish we never had to play.