Special Needs Dad 365

Fear is a Liar
Last night, Hailey and I were invited to the Amalie Arena in Tampa to see the group For King and Country to listen to Christmas music. Another musician, Zach Williams, opened for them. One of Zach’s songs is called Fear Is a Liar.

When we listen to fear, we are too often misled. Fear causes us to close ourselves off from the world. We often lose faith and we stop believing. We forget about what is possible and instead, focus on the impossible. Hearing fear and its entrancing melody leads to decisions that will keep you saddled in deceit.

When going through a difficult time, it becomes much easier to let fear into your life. It can be all consuming. We have been close to that place and have had to pull ourselves back from the cliff. We have had to remind ourselves to look for the light instead of the darkness.

We learned long ago that hope comes from the heart, is stronger than fear, and speaks the truth. Hope walks with you and lifts you up instead of keeping you down. Hope gives you joy where fear steals your happiness. As you move through your life and encounter both, be strong, push fear aside, and choose hope.