Special Needs Dad 365

Always Something Worse
This morning, Allison and I were talking about my post from last night and how it reminded her that many are going through worse situations. She recounted such a story from years ago when we were in the hospital with Livy.

It was one of those periods of time when we had lost control of Livy's seizures. We had exhausted her emergency medications and had nothing left to do but go to the hospital where we stayed for days.

During that visit, we were once again told that Livy may never stop seizing like she was doing and that this was just her. Hearing that is enough to break any parent.

Later that night, Livy was moved to a new room. Allison was on duty with her and recalls quite vividly what transpired.

Back then, the hospital we were at had multiple families in a room. When Allison entered the room, she met their roomates. It was a little girl who was battling cancer. She was in the bathroom, very sick from the treatments. Her mom, sitting by the bed, was wearing a head scarf. As Allison got to talking, the mom told her that she had also just finished a round of treatment for cancer which was why her head was covered.

I can't imagine having to fight for your own life at the same time watching your child fighting for hers. How does someone gather the strength to do that?

So as you're thinking about your own troubles, no matter how small or big they may be, it is likely someone else is going through an equally or more difficult experience.